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Indemnity for dental practice

MRSL Enterprise arranged insurances to protect a dentist should the indemnity of her contractors fail as well as indemnity for herself and protection against data breach and the costs of disciplinary hearings. Peter Anderson summarised the process of moving from a mutual (DDO) to commercial insurance in the Insurance Explained blog.

D&O for Cryptocurrency Business

When an executive from an exiting client called asking if we could find Directors and Officers insurance for a company that provides services to cryptocurrencies we wanted to respond. Insurers are wary of the whole emerging cryptocurrency business.

We had an insurer confirm that they would quote within the day and an attractive quote to the client within a few days.

Travel Insurance with Medical Consitions

MRSL Enterprise recently arranged insurance with £14,000 of cancellation cover for an 86 year old who booked a cruise of a lifetime - to the Antarctic.

Our client had a few medical conditions, but was in remarkably good shape for his age. Some calls to the underwriter got our client the cover.


Expert Witness Professional Indemnity

MRSL Enterprise has been working with a retired doctor who is doing medico-legal expert witness work. The doctor wished to ensure that his insurance correctly covered his work, as opposed to a standard medical indemnity policy.

A 2011 case removed witness immunity which means that the doctor wanted £10m of cover. This is larger than the usual amount offered by insurers.

MRSL Enterprise worked with a number of insurers, analysing the case law to find one that was comfortable to provide the full £10m limit.

Aquathlon Event Insurance

MRSL Enterprise has been approached by a Hampshire sports club that organises Aquathlons (a swim and run). Their four events are open to members of the public which puts them outside their association insurance policy.

MRSL Enterprise has provided quotes that are competitive with the club buying an extension to the association policy. As their own insurance - the terms fall completely within the club's control.

Micro renewable all risks

Small scale renewable power generation is spreading across the UK. Homes with solar panels, farmers with wind turbines and even some homes by a waterway with a hydro-turbine.

Providing your equipment is from a reputable manufacturer and it has remote monitoring to highlight developing possible to insure these assets against mechanical breakdown; lightening strike and for loss of revenue if the equipment fails.

MRSL Enterprise has recently obtained a quote for a 100kW hydroturbine.