The Team

Directors and Managers

Roger Houston

Roger rapidly rose through the ranks at Zurich Financial Services (ZFS) to lead its municipal claims team by his mid thirties. Roger was the youngest Assistant General Manager in ZFS at that time. He moved to take on the Director of Operations role at the NHS Litigation Authority (NHS LA) and then worked in a senior management role at the Medical Defence Union (MDU). Internally at the NHSLA Roger was referred to as Deputy CEO and was responsible for claims, risk and cashflow management.

Roger joined the MDU where, in addition to the responsibilities that he had at the NHSLA, he integrated commercial insurance partners into the MDU. These latter roles convinced Roger of the value of medical insight in relevant insurance claims.

Roger founded Medical Risk Services Limited (MRSL) ten years ago to capture this business opportunity. Within MRSL Enterprise, Roger oversees operations as well as Directing any claims related functions.

Christopher Cloke Browne

Christopher Cloke-Browne spent 12 years as an investment banker in London, Tokyo and New York. During that period Chris moved from developing state-of-the-art risk models that were published in RISK Magazine through to working extensively with the insurance industry on all the financial aspects of their business.

For the past ten years Chris has been working with insurance companies on a range of issues. He was a senior member of a team of advisers to Sun Capital during their acquisition of AMP's UK life insurance businesses. Chris has also worked on establishing a Bermuda life reinsurer for which he served on the Board.

Chris has a PhD in machine learning from Imperial College, London. He leads the data analytics for MRSL Enterprise as the firm seeks to develop new approaches to insuring risks.

Within MRSL Enterprise, Chris is responsible for developing the client's needs into viable commercial projects.

Dr. Robert Baylis

Rob trained in London, Bristol and Southampton and was appointed as a Consultant Anaesthetist in 1998.

He is currently in clinical practice in both the NHS and private sectors and is an experienced provider of medico-legal opinions.

Rob understands the complex challenges of the current healthcare environment and works within the team to ensure that MRSL delivers a bespoke and personalised service that is responsive to the complete range of each practitioner's needs.

Operational Teams

Medical Reporting Team

Medical Risk Services Limited has developed a highly successful recruitment strategy for the recruitment, training, development and retention of its medical personnel. Many of our Doctors have been serving military medical officers in the UK armed services. We are lucky to have access to and recruit only high calibre medical staff that have both a board generalist training that allows them to see the wider medical picture combined with specialist and world leading experience in the areas most often seen in insurance claims - orthopaedics and trauma, psychological injury, neurological injury, musculoskeletal medicine and rehabilitation of the injured.

Our Doctors are well versed in meeting not just individual health needs but the greater corporate goals and weeding out those patients who are exaggerating or malingering from those who have genuine problems for whom we can suggest treatment for or, if clinically stable, come to a clinically based settlement. Since foundation, MRSL has engaged a variety of different specialist Doctors to report.

Finance and Administration Team

The Basingstoke office houses a lively team that supports the activities of the business, managing the finances and developing the infrastructure as well as carrying out all of the administration required. This team is expanding with the business to ensure MRSL operates smoothly and efficiently as the firm delivers for clients..

Basingstoke provides a ready source of highly motivated and experienced professionals with a wealth of diverse experience that adds depth to the MRSL enterprise team.