Dental Indemnity

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Following the Department of Health and Social Care White Paper on "Appropriate clinical negligence cover" the aim of MRSL Enterprise’s Professional Protection for Dentists is to give practice owners and dentists a true alternative to the Dental Defence Organisations.

We aim to be a one stop shop for not only purchasing insurance but also any advice and support needed to allow clients to manage their total cost of risk.

The product leads with the defence of the professional reputation and licence of dentists. We also work with HR specialists to cover HR issues and have access to a data protection lawyer to deal with that type of issue (we have already advised a surgical business client on a data breach issue which is now settled and closed). We have just been asked by a client to advise on dealing with an associate dentist who is not performing to standard. Behind all of this we arrange GDC compliant indemnity with financially strong, regulated insurers. The majority of the indemnity is placed in Lloyd’s.

Our product is making our clients defensible against complaints. This starts with access to a suite of consent forms and advice on a process of obtaining informed consent for all procedures. Informed consent is individual to each patient and goes beyond a standardised consent form.

We have assisted clients to move from a lifetime with a Dental Defence Organisation and understand the concerns that dentists have in making this transition. We provide a complete explanation of the process and issues.

  • Consenting and informed consent process.
  • Defensible  practice
  • Indemnity insurance
  • 24/7 dental incident advice line
  • HR support
  • Practice support – complaints and contractual
  • Data breach advice and support
  • Surgery and business insurances

Client base

The firm has developed a highly satisfied client base from a combination of attending dental events (King’s College Dental Alumni Weekend – 2yrs in a row; recent BDA training), sending out leaflets and discussion groups on indemnity. We currently arrange insurance for a number of practices and some of the dentists in each of these. The range of work is from oral surgery – implants etc. through to a mix of general dentistry and cosmetics (botulinum toxin and dermal fillers). We cover the entire range of dental services.

Summary of cover

We work with eight of the major medical indemnity providers. Each provider has their particular likes and dislikes which means that the best value cover from one practice is likely to be from a different provider to that for a different practice. For example, one of the best insurer for traditional dentistry is very sceptical of cosmetic work and places a very high loading on for practices with cosmetics. In contrast a different insurer is very comfortable and fully understands the risks of cosmetic work and also offers competitive insurance for traditional dental work. We look to obtain three quotes from the insurers most likely to be competitive for an individual prospect or client. We can then find the best value.

The cover provided is traditional indemnity that meets the requirement of The Health Care and Associated Professions (Indemnity Arrangements) Order 2014 as overseen by the GDC. Most indemnity is with Lloyd’s and that which is not is with equivalently financially strong insurers. In addition we provide a legal expense insurance that covers the expense of defending against disciplinary proceedings instigated by the GDC or other bodies with an oversight role (eg CQC).

In many instances we also provide the surgery and other insurances for clients as a one stop shop. Here we seek to line up renewal dates so that busy dental practices have a single time to deal with insurance each year. We provide as much pre-work as we can to minimise the load on clients at renewal.

Data breach is covered to a greater or lesser extent in the standard indemnity and legal expense covers. Depending on the exposure of each client we select covers. We also work with stand alone providers of data breach insurance for those clients who need really robust defence.

Is Dental Practice Indemnity required by law?

The General Dental Council has always required dental professionals to have adequate indemnity. This was enacted into law in The Health Care and Associated Professions (Indemnity Arrangements) Order 2014. By law dentists (and doctors) need medical indemnity.

On 6th December 2018 the Department of Health and Social Care issued a White Paper entitled "Appropriate clinical negligence cover". This paper expresses the DHSC's desire to disallow discretionary mutual cover for clinical negligence. If this is implemented the cover provided by all of the MDOs would not meet the legal requirement.

Who should by Dental Practice Indemnity?

All dentists must be covered by Medical Indemnity by law. As a company, there is a strong argument that a Dental Practice should buy indemnity, rather than the individual dentists. This would both be consistent with Professional Indemnity Insurance purchased by other professions and the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts which covers NHS Trusts and associated entities. Insuring at the entity level tackles the growing issue of vicarious liability claims in medicine.

How much does Dental Practice Indemnity cost?

Dental indemnity claims tend not to be for large amounts, but can be frequent. An experienced dentist with no claims might pay between £2,000 and £3,500 for indemnity. Grouping all of the dentists together as a single dental practice tends to reduce the premium. This reduction is more substantial than a simple group buy type of discount. If the insurance is structured well there is a definite reduction of exposure to the insurer. Moreover, with Dental Practice Indemnity, new dentist can work for the business without the need to prove or extend their own personal cover.