Travel Insurance

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The primary reason for buying travel insurance is to ensure that medical care and even medical evacuation are paid for in the event of an accident or other health emergency. Evacuation in the event of any other emergency such as a natural disaster, war or uprising is also a key benefit.

Travel insurance for everyday holidays is widely available. You will have an option to purchase insurance a number of times through the booking process and you may well already hold annual multi-trip insurance.

MRSL Enterprise is here for the more challenging trips. MRSL Enterprise's access to our network of highly qualified doctors and dentists allows us to help you get insurance for elderly and infirm relations - even if travelling independently. We can also find cover for those high risk destination - such as countries on the Foreign and Colonial Office's "Essential Travel Only" list. Other covers can be added in to these insurances such as Kidnap and Ransom insurance.

Wherever you are going and whatever you are doing, good travel insurance is highly recommended. At MRSL Enterprise we have first hand experience of retrieving relations from a hospital in a foreign country. Even a few hundred pounds on travel insurance is not a significant cost compared to this.

Travel Insurance with Medical Conditions

Travel insurance is broadly available, but increasingly people are seeking to travel with medical conditions. This can be both hard to source and expensive. Some general examples of advice sought are:

  • People on immunosuppressant meds (for inflammatory bowel disease or after transplant)
  • Those on strong painkillers for chronic pain
  • Diabetics can need help adjusting Insulin regimes
  • Chronic heart disease
  • Cancer - in remission - or under treatment
  • Breathing problems eg COPD
  • Those with a previous history of DVTA
  • Anyone who's recently had surgery or is in plaster

MRSL Enterprise is working with its network of doctors in the Medical Reporting Team in order to accurately assess the risk of the major medical conditions with which people seek to travel and provide comprehensive, good value insurance.