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The Government has stepped in on a temporary basis to provide medical negligence, employers’ liability and public liability covers for care homes receiving recovering Covid-19 patients.

The scheme is known as “designated settings” and comprises an authorised extension of the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts and new arrangements for employers’ and public liabilities.

The arrangements are only temporary, being reviewed in mid-February and due to finish at the end of March. This measure has been necessary because insurers will not provide cover for Covid-19 liabilities.

We also hear that care home insurance premiums are increasing wildly with one business, with an expiring premium of £10,000 finally settling on an increased premium of £18,000, having received alternative quotes of £45,000 and £98,000.

Our advice is to seek advice early so a detailed presentation of your risk can be made to underwriters. We think it is misguided to assume cover will be available to all comers and that it will be available at realistic rates.

We have the in-house medical expertise to assess infection and spread risks and will prepare presentations for existing clients and will happily discuss how we can help an business facing this prospect.

We do not see each care home as seeking insurance as equal – there are those with good practices and those without these. In just the same way we would hope that care home management do not see all insurance brokers as equal.

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