Claims Management

Proper Claims Service Is What The Policy Is All About, Otherwise It’s Just A Piece Of Paper…

Why Is Claims Management Important?

It is sometimes said that the best representation comes from those who have been on the other side of providing a service; the “poacher turned gamekeeper” argument. At MRSL Enterprise, we think we are a little different, and for us, we are gamekeepers turned poachers.
We have 30 years of handling every sort of claim from within insurance companies. We have many, many good claims presentations over the years, and many not so good. We have read, interrupted, and adjusted claims under countless policy wordings, dealt with non-disclosure, average, under and (surprisingly) over insurance.
They say, that if you are around long enough you see it all… We cannot claim that, but we have certainly seen more than a representative sample of good and bad. We will support you in ensuring you receive a fair and timely outcome to the claim we present on your behalf.

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