Directors and Officers

Why Have Directors and Officers Insurance?

This insurance cover protects the board of a company and its directors from legal action by the company’s shareholders. Of all the routine commercial covers we are involved in this is perhaps the most nuanced. We say that because, as with all insurance protection, the benefits are only evident once things have gone wrong in some way. D&O cover will engage when things have reached a point where the shareholders sue the directors for poor management, which can encompass illegal activity as well as rank incompetence and everything in between… At the point at which the directors are sued, it could reasonably be said that the company will be in crisis. Non-executive directors can be particularly problematic where public scrutiny increasingly expect them to be the keeper of the corporate conscious, yet without the operational control to ensure compliance.
The team at MRSL Enterprise has extensive experience in investment banking and is expert in the potential risks and suitable cover.

Tailored Cover

Shareholder protection for the mismanagement of their directors.

With over 30 years experience we will tailor your cover to support your requirements, ensuring the correct protection is in place. From criminal activity to breaches of fiduciary duty.

Does this quote from a recent Henley Business School report sound familiar?

‘Conflict for me is where people are fighting their own ground rather than looking at what’s best for the company.’

If so, you need to speak to us about D&O cover.

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