Protecting Commercial Property


Why Is Property Insurance Important?

Property insurance, just bricks and mortar; right? Yes, although the insurance policy covers your financial interest in the property, rather than the bricks and mortar itself.
We place comprehensive cover for buildings, contents, business interruption etc. We also recognise that one size does not fit all. We can advise on maximum potential losses for bigger and more complex risks and therefore whether cover on a first loss basis might be appropriate.
One of the more esoteric risks that we have looked at is placing insurance for a former Methodist chapel that was to be demolished and replaced by a new building. More regularly we need to arrange insurance for empty property as elderly relatives go into care homes. A standard policy normally requires the property to be occupied.
We are happy to take a free look at your requirements and it may be that the sort of cover you thought really didn’t command much attention, because insurers are pretty much all the same, might surprise you…


Tailored Cover

Tailored cover to truly protect your assets. Our specialists are experts at development of packages that suit your needs from first loss cover to a wide range of perils. 

Money is tight at the moment, allow us to undertake an annual review to ensure your sums insured properly reflect values at risk. This will protect your expenditure so  that you are not overpaying. 

Only Pay For What You Need

Did You Know?

There are over 40 fires per day at commercial premises in the UK, each one averaging tens of thousands of pounds.

While, flooding is becoming more prevalent. 

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